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We are particularly privileged to provide a permanent home for the remarkable output of the late A.E. "Dusty" Durrant, renowned enthusiast and photographer of World Steam railways. His dedication to the task covered almost 50 years - from the early 1950s to the late 1990s - capturing approximately 50,000 images in the process!

Due to the size of the catalogue and the number of images available, we are preparing listings in distinct categories - by country &/or region. Representative selections are offered below in "Thumbnail" format complete with captions. Click the grid to select. For copyright reasons, these screen-view images have been watermarked.

You may also explore the wider range available in the full listings - all presented in loco running number order. Higher definition images - with/without enlargement - can also be made available for authors, publishers and private individuals. It is not proposed to offer a photographic print service at this time.

The Early Years (whilst employed in the UK - BR Swindon Works, etc.)
British Railwaysex Great Western types (W)Selected Daily ImagesFull Listing (W)
British Railwaysex Southern Railway (S)Selected Daily ImagesFull Listing (S)
British Railwaysex LMS Group Locos (M)Selected Daily ImagesFull Listing (M)
British Railwaysex LNER Group Locos (E)Selected Daily ImagesFull Listing (E)
British RailwaysBR Standard Classes / WDSelected Daily ImagesFull Listing (B)

Under Preparation
Photographic Excursions - European railways - and beyond
East Africa, Asia & Australia - work experience and travel years
AFRICA : The Later Years (based in Springs, South Africa)